iSEMcon is a privately owned company, located in both Viernheim, Germany and Northwest, Ohio.  Partners Wolfgang Frank and Win Otto each have over twenty years experience in design, engineering, marketing and customer service of capacitive sensors. Wolfgang Frank has additional 13 year experience in measurement microphone design and manufacturing. Today's market demands new approaches to marketing and customer relationships. Companies also are seeking the most cost effective alternatives while still expecting the best possible product and services from its vendors.  iSEMcon will work closely with our customers to establish concrete business relationships in an international market. Our mission will be to provide automated equipment manufacturers,  engineering and custom tailored state of the art sensors. iSEMcon's philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect while becoming a partner with our customers. For years, there has been a need in helping businesses with their manufacturing design, production process, job costing and expediting the purchasing of industrial supplies. iSEMcon will work with businesses on a one-on-one basis to provide products that will exceed their expectations and improve their profitability. iSEMcon partners with their customers in providing the following support: Project management with extensive prior engineering experience providing            customers with product and service support in an industrial setting Strong market goals with niche products and services, targeted services and            products delivered with unique marketing approaches. Support vendors to build on the marketing and purchasing of quality sensors. Low internal development costs at start-up. Develop a plan to allow flexibility, growth and well defined goals for                        longevity.
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